Video Convergence

If the customer experience, and live communication is paramount to success, then video convergence is the next step in content delivery.

Chameleon IP TV for Hospitality Industry

Chameleon is the platform that provides a guest with a single touch point from which to access in-house entertainment, food and beverage requirements, communication, and access to various other in-house services. It is guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding modern travelers.

Chameleon further helps your hotel differentiate itself from the competition by providing value added converged communication solutions, that can be offered to your guests which will increase the client experience. This will build loyalty and generate new revenue streams. In the long run, it will increase the overall efficiency of the hotel and hospitals by reducing the necessity for printed material, creating a paperless, more environmentally responsible business. Chameleon can use the existing television monitors already available in the rooms, thereby eliminating additional costs.

The Leisure and Health sector is one of the most thriving sectors in the global economy. As such, the sector faces many challenges in the areas of customer retention, increasing service demands, global competition etc. It is vital, therefore, for an organization to increase its service levels while introducing new value-added services which will lead to customer retention. Chameleon does just this.

Features of the Chameleon Suite

  • Intimate and faster response provided by the Online Menu Service

  • Enhance customer entertainment by providing Video on Demand, Live TV, Games and Music

  • In room Internet, email and E-Fax providing information at the guest’s finger tips

  • Increase revenue generation by providing In-Room Advertising

  • Guest Information with access to Online Billing, Spa facilities, Travel desk, etc…

Chameleon can be integrated to the hotels existing Property Management Systems (PMS) or could be interfaced to new systems. The system also has the capability of extending selected services to a handheld smart device such as a phone or tablet through the Chameleon Mobile Application.

Video Conferencing with Aver

AVer video conferencing can be summed up in one simple phrase… more for your money! Effortless video conferencing at an incredibly affordable price is what AVer promises for all of its video conferencing solutions and that is exactly what users have come to expect. All AVer VC systems use the H.323 and SIP protocols so users can rest assured that their AVer VC system is compatible with all major VC brands. Moreover, the new product line Conference Camera provides cloud- and software based video conferencing users more professional tools to grab business opportunities anytime and anywhere. With a number of one-of-a-kind features, industry-leading warranty periods and smooth full HD imaging, AVer turns the dream of high-quality, budget-friendly video conferencing into reality for all-sized businesses and many more.

Video Convergence